A Quick Look At Electric Lawn Mowers

If you own a home, you are likely going to have a yard and various yards come in different shapes and sizes. Whatever the scale or scope of your particular yard, you are going to need to do a little upkeep. If you can afford to do so, hiring a lawn care service is certainly more convenient, and for some people who are away from their homes on a regular basis or who have health related issues, these services are practical as well. However, if you cannot afford a landscaping service, or perhaps you actually enjoy taking care of your lawn yourself then you will need to choose a mower. There are many mowers to choose from and many price ranges as well, however, many people today are increasingly choosing electric lawn mowers.

The reality is that electric lawn mowers have been around for a long time and the technology has been improving throughout the years. These electric mowers have always had a certain appeal of being more environmentally friendly than your typical gas powered motor; while that was not such a big deal 20 years ago, today it is a hug selling point. Electric mowers are also very easy to start and they are extremely quiet, a fact that will no doubt make you very popular with your neighbors.

The only real downside to electric lawn mowers is that most of them require a cord. Cords are easy to find and you can normally find as much electrical cord as you will need regardless of the size of your lawn. However, with making sure that you have enough cord, enough slack in the cord and the constant problems with the cord coming out of the power socket, dealing with a cord while doing lawn work can be a little difficult. Then there is the risk you run of potentially running over the cord. This can be expensive but more than that, it can be dangerous as well.

As an alternative, you can use a cordless mower with a rechargeable battery. Most of these cordless mowers have batteries that will typically last you about 1 hour. Therefore if you have a larger lawn that will take you longer than an hour to mow, you might want to look at getting a spare battery so that you can finish your lawn at once rather than having to wait for the battery to charge back up so you can finish. Regardless of whether you go with a cord or a cordless mower, these mowers will start in the price range of $200 and up. Models like the Black & Decker MM875, which is about $240 and the Lawn Boy 10647 starts at about $270 are good moderately priced mowers for normal residential usages.


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