Your Options For Choosing The Right Mower

This website deals with choosing the right mower, in order to get you up to speed, you need to know about the different types of mowers that you would have to choose from.  There are many different types of lawn mowers and I am going to discuss some of the different types of mowers and their advantages and disadvantages. 

One type of lawn mower is the electric lawn mower.  These mowers are available corded or cordless.  The advantage of an electric mower is that it is far quieter than a gasoline powered mower and is safer for the environment.  It can also be more reliable since it doesn't have your typical engine components.  The disadvantage to a corded model is that you have to be within range of the cords reach, which is usually between 100- 150 feet.  There is also the danger of running the cord over while mowing the lawn.  The cordless models avoid these issues, but require rechargeable batteries and are far more expensive than their corded counterpart.

The most common type of mower is your standard gasoline powered push mower.  These mowers use internal combustion engines and are either two or four stroke.  They run on gasoline just like a car.  You can find these mowers with either a pull start or an electric start.  Electric start is much easier, however, models with this option tend to be more expensive.  The advantage of these mowers is that they are more powerful and have a better range in distance.  The major disadvantage is that these mowers, due to the engine, cause pollution and require maintenance from time to time.  

The riding lawn mower is a great choice if you have a yard larger than 10,000 - 15,000 sq ft.  An example of a riding mower is the lawn tractor.  These mowers allow you to ride it and steer while it mows the lawn.  These also run on gasoline so this types has the same disadvantages as the gasoline powered push mower, however, the benefit with these is that you can get the lawn mowed much faster.  Another type of riding lawn mower is the zero turn lawn mower.  These are common used by professional landscapers or by home owners that maintain an extensive landscape.  You ride these mowers like a lawn tractor, except you have two levers that allow you to turn in a complete circle covering 180 degrees of grass.  This is a great feature if you have a lot of obstacles in your lawn since you will usually not have to go back over it with a trimmer.

Manual lawn mowers are a reel of blades that have a handle for you to push along the grass.  As you push it the reel spins causing the blades to rotate around and chop the grass.  This type of mower is not recommended for a large lawn.  These are great for people who have a very small area of grass that they need to maintain.  Their cost is low and they give you a great workout.

As you can see there are many choices when choosing the right mower.  When looking to buy one make sure to refer to  the information here and you will have a better idea which mower is best for you. 

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